Monthly Archives April 2016

Why ?

Are you one of those people who look around the pits and does what everyone does? Do you set your car up just like the guy next to you? Do you have the same springs in the car as the leader? Do you run the same stagger as everyone else? If this is you, I pose this question, “Why follow everyone else?”

Doesn’t a racer want to win? So why not lead, instead of follow? Why not as ask why?

In today’s racing world of crate motors, store bought cars, spec tires, etc., why not strive to be more? If you have a true passion for racing you should be pushing yourself to the limit, be on the cutting edge, look to be different, not just follow the herd. But alas, this is what the majority of the racers do. They see someone buy an engine from so and so and they go out and buy one too...

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